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Dregran Entropy

Four writings
  1. The Hefty Deal

    Reverend Astuzia makes sure a farmer keeps his side of the bargin.
    Three minutes of reading – 831 words – English – 24 May 2013

    Rev­erend As­tuzia paced the hos­pi­tal hall­way. Ev­ery sec­ond step matched the loud tick­ing com­ing from the hang­ing clock. Rev­erend was count­ing the sec­onds, tim­ing and plan­ning his next

  2. The Abandoned Warehouse

    Intera Assenso kills a runaway assassin-in-training.
    Two minutes of reading – 535 words – English – 13 April 2013

    In­tera As­sen­so was alone in an aban­doned ware­house. The ware­house was huge, reach­ing a length of over 100me­tres. In truth, it was not emp­ty, and In­tera was not alone. Some­one in the

  3. The Carpark Scene

    Proferire Avvolgere makes sure someone’s in line.
    Three minutes of reading – 670 words – English – 13 April 2013

    Pro­ferire Avvol­gere found him­self in a very in­con­ve­nient po­si­tion. He stand­ing was in an un­der­ground carpark with at least a dozen men sur­round­ing him, all point­ing guns. Their aim

  4. The Rooftop Assassin

    Concisa Brusco assassinates a wealthy mansion owner.
    One minute of reading – 367 words – English – 13 April 2013

    Con­cisa Br­us­co was perch­ing on a rooftop. He was look­ing at a man­sion. The man is he was told he had to as­sas­si­nate owned the man­sion and was hav­ing a wel­com­ing par­ty. The man­sion it­self